Community Town Hall


Pack the Courts for Arminta

Why Accountability, CEBW and allies came out to support Arminta Jeffryes in Manhattan District Court, as she fights against unlawful arrests and targeted prosecution for leading protests against police abuse.  

Arminta, one of the most prominent grassroots activists in NYC, has been  singled-out by police for organizing protests against NYPD corruption. She has suffered multiple arrests during protests, illegal search & seizures of her cell phones, and stalking and threats on her social media by cops. She is defending herself in court as part of a larger effort to expose the NYPD's bias, harassment, and violence inflicted on activists who speak out. 

We must stop the NYPD from attacking cop watchers and justice activists like Arminta on the streets and in the courts. We will not be scared away from demanding police accountability.

Brooklyn Town Hall

On June 30, the Coalition co-sponsored a Town Hall in Sunset Park, Brooklyn to openly ask elected officials how they plan to stop Broken Windows police abuses. Citizens placed Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez and  Public Advocate Letitia James  on the hot seat to justify their positions and deliver specific policy solutions. The Town Hall was hosted by El Grito de Sunset Park.  

Confronting the NYPD & Council

Coalition activists demonstrate outside City Hall and confront NYPD Police Commissioner O'Neill and several Councilmembers -- demanding they put an end Broken Windows policing. 

Community Board Take Over

Members of the Coalition take over a Community Board Meeting in Sunset Park to expose the direct line from Broken Windows policing to ICE raids and deportations.


Raising Awareness

Documenting Police Abuse & Holding Elected Officials Accountable

All across New York City in neighborhoods affected by Broken Windows policing, we are there. From Harlem to Brownsville, Jackson Heights to the South Bronx, Staten Island to Sunset Park, East New York to the Brooklyn Bridge.  Coalition activists have been filming police harassment and brutality in their neighborhoods for years. Guerrilla filmmakers have been vital in exposing the effects of Broken Windows policing on communities of color -- and used in court trials as evidence to exonerated innocent people caught up in police lies.


We organize street protests and confront politicians in City Hall. We run campaigns to raise public awareness of the types of petty violations that ensnare people into the criminal justice system. We  bear witness to people's outrage and cries for justice. And we celebrate our diverse neighborhoods and cultures.

Speak Out Inside City Hall

The Progressive Sell-Out Tour

Pregnant Woman Assaulted

Confronting NYPD Boss